Horizontal Directional Drilling
SafeBore currently operates 5  horizontal directional drills ranging from 10,000 lb to 30,000 lb. The JT30 All Terrain has the ability to drill rock. The key feature to trenchless technology is the ability to minimize the disruption of public and private property, as well as minimizing environmental impacts .  A majority of our utility work is constructed in commercial and residential areas. SafeBore has invested in drills that have minimal noise output for longer operations, less noise pollution, and have the "foot print" and weight that allows easy maneuverability and positioning for bores in tight areas. Horizontal directional drills have the capability of pulling back numerous products such as water and gas lines, high density poly pipe and cables.

Hydro Vac
SafeBore uses a Ditch Witch FX30. It is primarily used for  utility day lighting prior to drilling or excavating operations  and de watering and clean up after drilling operations.  Unwanted fluids around catch basins, meter boxes and tie in holes can be controlled easily. Soft excavation capabilities include digging postholes, day lighting utilities and utility pole installation.

Excavation & Trenching
The company has foremen with over twenty years of utility construction experience. Combine that with access to excavation equipment ranging  from mini excavators to large excavators and dump trucks that range from 5 ton to tri axle, there is no job we can not manage for you. Common excavation projects include utility trenches for direct buried communication cables, conduits and concrete encased conduit structures. SafefeBore Inc. utilizes unionized staff from Local 793 Operating Engineers and Labourers International Union of North America. We offer qualified and trained staff and have the ability to adjust work force to meet demand.

Underground Communication & Gas Installation
SafeBore has the expertise to construct and  manage your project.  We believe in listening to what the customer wants and deliver on time and on budget. We are  approved to provide horizontal directional drilling to Union Gas , Link Line Contractors and Expercom Telecommunications Inc.( Bell Canada general contractor ). The company also  is currently working for NRTC in Renfrew County. This is a turn key project of providing new underground fiber to the home in the town of Petawawa. 

Enbridge Gas Distribution and their partners rely on our abilities to provide Horizontal Directional Drilling, Gas Pipeline Inspectors  and light utility crews that support their Operations  Departments.

Our customer base is strong and growing.  Contact us for a no obligation  consultation  or estimate on your next project. Some of our key customers that we are pre qualified to work for are;

Enbridge Gas Distribution
Union Gas
LInk Line Contractors
Black & McDonald
Bell Aliant

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