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SafeBore offers safe and dependable delivery of Underground and Aerial Utility Construction Services

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Aerial Services
  • Communications (Fibre Optic Installation & Splicing)
  • Hydrovac
  • Excavating
  • Plowing
  • Float Equipment
SafeBore Inc. Services

SafeBore Inc. currently operates 6 horizontal directional drills ranging from 10,000 lb to 30,000 lb. The JT30 All Terrain has the ability to drill rock. The key feature to trenchless technology is the ability to minimize the disruption of public and private property, as well as minimizing environmental impacts . A majority of our utility work is constructed in commercial and residential areas. SafeBore has invested in drills that have minimal noise output for longer operations, less noise pollution, and have the "foot print" and weight that allows easy maneuverability and positioning for bores in tight areas. Horizontal directional drills have the capability of pulling back numerous products such as water and gas lines, high density poly pipe and cables.

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Our ClientBase is Strong and Growing

Some of our key customers that we are pre qualified to work for are:

Hydro Ottawa
Hydro One
NPL Canada
NRTC Communications
Teraflex Limited
Bradley Kelly | Construction - Electric
PNR Railworks
Black & McDonald
<![CDATA[Safety]]>, 19 Jul 2021 6:33:56 +0000SafeBore Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that all reasonable precautions are taken to protect its employees, the public, property and the environment. Every employee of SafeBore Inc. has the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace.

Each employee of SafeBore Inc. is responsible for their own health and safety as well as that of co-workers. Any employees who may be present in any SafeBore Inc. workplaces must work within the legislative requirements set out by OSHA and the safe work procedures and practices.

It is the responsibility of every supervisor to ensure that all work is performed as per the written health and safety policies and procedures.

It is the responsibility of every SafeBore Inc. employee to comply with these health and safety policies and procedures.
Workplace Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.

From an Environmental Health and Safety perspective, the construction support services we provide to our customers are considered high risk at Safebore Inc. In our continuing effort to maintain a safe workplace we continuously review safety policies, document weekly toolbox talks and evaluate field procedures.

SafeBore Inc. is registered and approved by ISNetworld and a member of ORCGA. We are members of the Utility Contractor's Association of Ontario and the North American Society of Trenchless Technology which enables us to follow and participate in horizontal directional drill best practices.

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483 Russett Dr.
Arnprior, ON.
K7S 3G7

Phone: 613-623-2800
Fax: 613-623-2818

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<![CDATA[Home]]>, 21 May 2021 2:50:24 +0000SafeBore Inc. is a Directional Drill Company Providing Services in the Underground and Aerial Utility Sector

Centrally located in Renfrew County in the Arnprior area, SafeBore Inc. has easy access to municipalities in the (613) area code as well as the National Capital Region. We understand and have met the challenges of working with multiple municipalities, the expanse of the region and the unpredictable ground that borders the Canadian Shield.

Recognizing the uniqueness of the communities, establishing a strong local vender network and hiring local labour has made us synonymous with safe and dependable delivery of Underground and Aerial Utility Construction in the Ottawa Valley.

Whether your project requires trenchless technology or traditional excavation, contact us for a no obligation estimate and consultation.

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